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Have Your Child Come Back From The Perfect Program

We understand that making a decision about where to place your child for help can be confusing, frustrating, and difficult. In an effort to simplify your decision making process, we have put together some decision tools that will assist you in deciding whether a specialty boarding school or residential treatment center is right for your child.

A good place to start with your decision-making process is to take the free assessment. This tool will help you decide whether your child’s behavior is serious enough to warrant an out-of-home placement.

We have a “Parent Video” as well, you can watch some parent interviews and learn more about how the program is affecting other families.

We also invite you to contact us and check the "parent references" box where you can request to receive a list of parents that you may contact directly in order to get a first hand perspective of the program.

One of the best ways to make a decision about a particular program is to come and take a free tour. We will work hard to accommodate your schedule in setting up a tour where you can come see one or more of our facilities and speak with the staff and students. Most parents who do this will know after doing so whether the school is right for their situation.

You can view “Parent Success Stories” and “Student Success Stories”, read about the experiences of parents of students and students themselves with the program. You probably can relate to many of these stories and gain insight into how other families have overcome challenges similar to what you are facing.

The “Parent Support Newsletters” page will give you access to the bi-monthly newsletters we send out to parents with children in our schools. These newsletters contain the experiences of program participants, information about special events in the programs, and inspirational messages from our dedicated staff.

Have concerns? Get them answered on our “Responses to Common Concerns” page. Find responses to other parents’ most common worries associated with enrolling a child in a specialty program.

On the “Why Choose Our Schools” page you will find 10 reasons that explain how our schools are different from the rest.

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