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Financial Aid

You can also view our Troubled Teen Services Financial Aid FAQ.

We know that the cost of residential schools and placement centers can be a major concern for parents who desperately want to help their child turn their life around. We offer some of the most cost-effective options available nationwide. Most schools and programs that offer similar services cost between $5,000.00 and $10,000.00 per month. Most of the programs we represent cost around $3,000/month. Many of the schools we represent offer a significant discount if you pay a year’s tuition in advance regardless of whether you pay out-of-pocket or with a loan that is dispersed in a lump sum.

Most commonly used financing options:

1) Home equity or second mortgage loans (you may want to check with your bank or mortgage holder to see whether this is a viable option for you)
2) Private k-12 educational loans.

Other options to consider:

1) Grandparents, relatives or others who are concerned about the child’s future have been a significant help for many parents.
2) Friends, relatives, or colleagues who might be willing to lend you the funds if you do not qualify for a home equity or educational loan.
3) Life insurance policies that can be cashed out or borrowed against, investments, 401(k) accounts, college saving funds, etc. Remember that you won’t need a college fund for your child if they never graduate high school!

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