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Why Choose One of Our Boarding Schools?

  • Cost Our schools provide the best value in the industry for the services provided.
  • State-of-the-art academics Our schools provide structured, individualized, competency-based education using the best computerized curriculum available.
  • Parent satisfaction 96.4% of parents who have a child that has graduated from one of our schools are happy with the results a year following graduation.
  • Structured & supervised environment Our schools provide 24-hour supervision to ensure that your child is safe and secure.
  • Character development Students attend character development courses daily and intense 2-4 day seminars intermittently.
  • Student leadership Students have the opportunity to become leaders toward the end of their stay, thereby receiving the opportunity teach others what they have learned and further internalize what they have learned.
  • Warranty Our schools are so confident that they can produce a lasting change that they provide a warranty.
  • Immediate placement/open enrollment Most of our schools can accommodate the arrival of a new student within 24-48 hours of your first phone call to us.
  • Accelerated academics Our schools allow students to complete courses at an accelerated pace because of our year-round academic program and self-paced learning system.
  • Graduated merit system Our schools provide incentives for students that encourage them to work hard in order to increase their privileges while gaining self-esteem.
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