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Iowa Troubled Teen Boarding School

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“Soaring to new heights”

This Premier specialty boarding school is located near the small community of Keokuk, Iowa. Sitting on more than 60 secluded acres, the self-contained boarding school includes dormitories, cafeteria, classrooms, an indoor gymnasium, weight room, and outdoor recreation space. The school offers a positive peer culture, structured environment, state-of-the-art computer assisted academic curriculum, character building seminars, and extensive supervision. The objective of this troubled teen program is to restore positive functioning to families by fundamentally changing the family system and each individual in that system.

The regimented schedule provides a climate that youth without internal structure or discipline thrive on. The limits and rules in the program provide a safety net for the teens, giving them security in knowing that they will not be allowed to go “too far”. As youth earn the trust of the staff and reach the upper levels of the program, they receive the additional freedom needed to learn independence, but never more than they can handle. As a final step in the process of internalizing new thinking and behavior, youth participate in leadership training where they help teach the principles they have learned to other teens.

Because education is an essential part of change, this Iowa troubled teen school strives to influence youth to refocus themselves and invest in their education. The academic program is individualized to the needs of each student under the direction of certified teachers. Students must demonstrate content mastery by scoring 80% or higher in order to advance in their studies. This ensures that students are building a foundation of knowledge and maximizes their future learning opportunities.

Youth will also participate in a series of intense experiential seminars where they must confront the attitudes and behaviors they possess which have resulted in various negative outcomes in their lives. In these seminars the teens learn how their self-limiting beliefs about themselves impact the quality of their own lives and the lives of those they love. They come to realize that they have great individual worth and also learn to love themselves. The atmosphere created in the seminars helps each youth to achieve incredible emotional and mental breakthroughs that greatly fuel the change process. The impact of these experiences is further enhanced and reinforced through daily character development courses.

Iowa Boarding School Fees:

Registration: $2,000
Uniforms: $600
Medical: $0
Prepaid Monthly Rate: $3,190
Month-to-Month Rate: $3,490
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