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Montana Troubled Teen School

This Premier specialty boarding school is located on several acres of prime forest land in Thompson Falls, Montana.The serene, rural location of the campus amid the tall fir trees is awe-inspiring. Log-cabin style dorms and other campus buildings fit in well with the wooded surroundings. This unique locale provides numerous recreational opportunities for youth including hiking, sightseeing, canoeing, and more.

The school provides a structured schedule as well as extensive supervision for teens who are making self-limiting or self-destructive choices. Everyday opportunities for growth and learning are provided through personal development courses which provide inspiration examples for teens to follow. Youth are confronted about their inappropriate attitudes, behavior and choices, and learn that their actions do impact their own lives and the lives of others they care about. As youth begin to be accountable for their choices, they become empowered to take their lives back.

The school employs an educated, caring, and qualified staff that is dedicated to guiding each child through the change process. A number of extracurricular activities both on and off campus contribute to a balanced education and assist in the development of exercise habits, wholesome recreational alternatives, and social skills. Appropriate social opportunities and group feedback sessions also contribute to students’ ability to communicate effectively and interact with others in positive ways. As a result, graduates of the program exhibit life skills and emotional maturity that far exceed expectations for youth their age.

The fully accredited academic program can meet the needs of each student through the use of the latest computer assisted learning programs. This curriculum provides the same content and rigor found in a standard classroom, without many of the distractions, and may be modified to each student's specific needs. More advanced teens can complete courses at an accelerated pace while those who progress slower can move at a pace consistent with their abilities. Low teacher-to-student ratios ensure that each student receives the assistance needed to learn at the quickest pace possible.

Teens will also attend Premier educational seminars where they participate in many experiential activities designed to help them internalize the concepts of accountability, honesty, integrity, trust, choices, and responsibility. They also learn to value themselves and come to accept themselves for who they really are rather than who they pretend to be. As youth allow themselves to open up to new information and possibilities, they can begin to recognize their own personal greatness and initiate the process of change from within. Many youth experience emotional and mental breakthroughs during the seminars, which often prove to be the turning point for creating a new and healthier life.

Although not a counseling-based program, this Premier school offers the following counseling services at an additional cost:individual therapy, adoption group, chemical dependency group, anger management group, survivors of sexual abuse group, self-harm group, and eating disorders group.

Montana Boarding School Fees:

Registration: $2,000
Uniforms: $500
Medical: $0
Prepaid Monthly Rate: $3,290
Month-to-Month Rate: $3,490
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