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Nevada - California Troubled Teen School

“The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.”

This Premier specialty boarding school lies near the California - Nevada border in Amargosa Valley, Nevada, a two hour drive northwest of Las Vegas. Surrounded by grand mountains in a desert climate, this beautiful location provides a reflective atmosphere where troubled youth can regain perspective on life without the distractions and influences of their home environment. The climate provides year-round outdoor recreation opportunities and the vast desert floor invites the youth to explore its unique characteristics. The school has a beautiful, spacious, and well maintained campus which includes an outdoor basketball court, sand volleyball court, football/soccer field, running track, and a small pond with a fountain in the center of campus.

The school’s mission is to provide young men and women the tools with which to build strong character and positive self-esteem, develop responsible decision-making skills, and improve family relationships.

Teens are able to complete coursework with the assistance of certified teachers at a faster pace. This allows youth who are behind in school to catch up so that they can still graduate with their class. The expectation for teens academically is to achieve a minimum grade of a “B” on all assignments and tests. Thus we ensure that students accumulate a foundation of knowledge while helping them achieve their highest GPA ever. All credits earned will conveniently transfer to another school upon graduation from the program, or if all high school requirements are met, youth will receive their diploma while enrolled. In addition to a general diploma, an optional college prep diploma with a more detailed set of requirements is offered.

Although education is important, many of the teens are struggling physically, socially, behaviorally, or emotionally. We specifically tailor the program to address each of these areas. Teens participate in physical education courses daily and also exercise during other physically demanding recreational activities. Youth will also develop self-discipline and accountability by following a rigorous daily schedule and by being held responsible for their choices. Self-discovery seminars assist youth in dealing with the emotional events and self-limiting beliefs that have shaped their lives. These seminars also empower troubled teens with the knowledge of how to create the life and relationships they desire now, and in the future.

Our dedicated staff set high standards in their own conduct and model appropriate behavior and leadership for the youth. As youth advance through the program, they earn additional privileges and also have the opportunity to help newer students by functioning as a mentor. These leadership experiences allow youth to practice and internalize what they have learned, ensuring that their transformation into a mature, happy, and growing young adult is permanent when they go home.

Nevada - California Boarding School Fees:

Registration: $3,000
Uniforms: $600
Medical: $55
Prepaid Monthly Rate: *$2,990 (*$300 less for girls)
Month-to-Month Rate: *$3,290 (*$300 less for girls)
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