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Utah Boarding School for Pregnant Girls

This Premier specialty boarding school for pregnant girls is located in the majestic foothills of the Wasatch Mountain Range in Northern Utah. The facility is a beautiful, 12,000 square foot home that houses twelve young women at a time, suited specifically to fit their need for privacy and inner change. The home includes a large classroom and recreation area, as well as spacious living and sleeping quarters.

The school specializes in dealing with young women who are struggling not only with unplanned pregnancy, but other issues which may be related such as sexual promiscuity, low self-esteem, poor relationship skills, depression, falling behind in school, and past sexual or psychological abuse. The program focuses on healing, self-awareness, personal accountability, developing empathy, being assertive, overcoming substance abuse, stress reduction, and anger management through a series of highly effective emotional growth seminars.

In addition to assisting young women in completing or continuing their education, we also help them to prepare for childbirth through participating in low impact aerobic exercises, health education, and childbirth classes. 12 step programs for drug and alcohol addiction are also available as needed. The girls also learn life skills as a prerequisite to becoming independent. These skills include household chores, budgeting, money management, menu planning, food preparation, social skills, and etiquette.

In most cases, pregnant teens are unprepared emotionally, financially, and otherwise to become parents. For this reason, we support expecting teen mothers in identifying and carefully considering their options, including the option of giving their baby up for adoption. A young woman can learn a valuable lesson about love and personal responsibility by choosing to use our adoption services to give her baby to a family that is prepared to raise a child and can provide for all their needs. Each adoption is unique and all efforts are made to find an adoptive family that the birth mother feels comfortable with.

Young women participate in individual, group, and family therapy which helps them to heal and gain insight about themselves and their choices. Although young women may experience the loss and grief of letting go of their new baby, they will experience this loss in a supportive environment with plenty of resources to help them deal with these feelings. The pain caused by irresponsible choices can eventually be replaced with a sense of inner strength and the peace of mind through making the unselfish decision to give a child a chance for a better life. Young women also will learn to value themselves by making a decision that offers them a second chance to make something more of their own lives.

Utah Specialty Boarding School for Pregnant Girls Fees:

Registration: $2,000
Uniforms: $0
Medical: $200
Prepaid Monthly Rate: $3,600
Month-to-Month Rate: $3,600
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