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Jamaica Residential Treatment Center

This Premier Residential Treatment Center is located in Jamaica at a remote beach facility along the south coast of the island just a few hundred miles from the southern coast of Florida. The unique location provides several benefits including significantly less expensive tuition and an environment that is out far away from negative influences. The unfamiliar culture tends foster an openness in troubled teens who are resistant to change because it removes them from their comfort zone. As a result, youth are often more teachable. In addition, a foreign experience helps broaden teens’ personal insight, awareness, and perspective often instills a greater appreciation for home and family.

The mission of the program is to challenge and motivate teens in a structured, individualized learning environment, and to provide exposure to skills and attitudes necessary for academic and social success so they become mature, responsible and contributing members of society. The daily structure includes a balance of academics, personal development courses, health, fitness, and recreation which encourages the development of time management and positive habits. As the teens develop discipline, they begin to create success in their personal lives and also gain self-esteem which leads to greater internal motivation. The program focuses on creating real results in the lives of the teens, not merely compliance. Teen only progress to the advanced levels of the program when they demonstrate the ability to do the right thing for the right reason.

The academic program allows youth to work independently at their own pace while earning credits toward high school graduation. The program is designed to help troubled teens to catch up if needed, work for early graduation, and receive additional support in subjects they struggle in. Upon entrance to the program, each youth receives and education plan which will help them to maintain a goal-oriented approach to their education, earning the appropriate credits, acquiring independent study skills, and improving their comprehension skills.

Parent involvement is a key component to the success of the program. Communication with the family is instrumental in addressing issues, creating a family purpose and vision, reaching a common understanding, and setting shared goals. Parents also can attend growth seminars at convenient locations in the U.S. in order to gain the tools they will need to ensure that youth are able to successfully make the transition back to home.

The program is specifically designed to help teens replace inappropriate attitudes, behaviors, and habits with new, productive ones. This is accomplished in both individual and group therapy with certified clinicians. The effectiveness of therapy is enhanced by experiential seminars where teens come to know and understand themselves on a far deeper level than ever before. As they confront their ineffective thought patterns, belief systems, and self-imposed limitations, they can let go of the past and begin to realize their full potential.

Jamaica Residential Treatment Center Fees:

Registration: $2,000
Uniforms: $175
Medical: $0
Prepaid Monthly Rate: $2,650
Month-to-Month Rate: $2,950
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