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Utah Residential Treatment Center

“Not just a program, but a solution”

This Premier Residential Treatment Center is located in southern Utah in a small community called LaVerkin. The facility is a short drive from Zion’s National Park, an area nationally acclaimed for its magnificent canyons, cliffs, and plant and animal diversity. This park along with other nearby attractions such as Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park, and Quail Lake provide one-of-a-kind scenery and year-round recreational opportunities for troubled teens.

The program in LaVerkin is one of the most comprehensive solutions we offer. Professional therapy is an integral component of this program’s overall design and process. Troubled teens inappropriate behavior and attitudes are confronted daily by both peers and therapists in frequent group therapy sessions. Individual therapy also gives the youth the opportunity to deal with personal emotional issues in a confidential and supportive setting. Over-the-phone family therapy assists in improving family communication and allows parents to confront and work through their child’s issues in a mediated atmosphere. As teens deal with the past they are empowered to face the future without fear, remorse, and guilt.

All therapists are fully licensed in the state of Utah and are full time employees, available to the youth seven days a week. This availability provides the troubled teen and therapist ample opportunity to establish a strong relationship and deal with issues as they arise. Although many teens may have a history of manipulating counselors and telling them what they want to hear, our therapists have extensive experience in working with troubled adolescents and do not allow the youth to play mind games with them. The therapists spend enough time with the teens that they know when they are trying to manipulate them.

In addition to therapy, the teens will participate in a series of intense experiential seminars where they must deal with the attitudes and behaviors that constitute their ineffective approach to life. The atmosphere created in the seminars is conducive to each teen achieving incredible emotional and mental breakthroughs that greatly fuel the change process. The impact of these experiences is further enhanced and reinforced through daily character development courses.

Youth can attend AA/NA meetings on a weekly basis. The meetings are conducted by the student body and monitored by a therapist. AA/NA meetings often invite guest speakers to the program and at times hold school-wide educational symposiums for youth and staff. These meetings address teens’ addictions and help to create solutions to a healthier lifestyle.

This program has an extensive history of helping thousands of young people get their lives back on track. It also has a strong reputation for transforming even the most difficult troubled teens into productive, contributing, and happy citizens. Students age 12-17 may be accepted.

Utah Residential Treatment Center Fees:

Registration: $2,000
Uniforms: $300
Medical: $200
Prepaid Monthly Rate: $4,290
Month-to-Month Rate: $4,490
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